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Rockies Ice Specialists – Tip of the Week

12 November

Pre-tied V-thread cord

While rappelling an ice route I like to save time and energy by having my leaver v-thread cord pre-tied. While packing for a route, I cut up some cord(I use a minimum diameter of 7mm) into 1.2m lengths. This length is enough to encompass the ice in your v-thread and give you enough tail to tie it off with a single fishermans knot. Other knots can be used. Remember to melt the frayed ends of your cord to give something for your hooker to snag on. The number of pre-tied sections of cord I carry will depend on the length of the route and expected rappels. This saves a bit of time by not having to take my knife out and chop cord up on the descent. I don’t like having a sharp blade anywhere near my ropes or gear.
Have fun and play safe out there…

Here is a picture of a self equalizing 2 screw anchor, orange v-thread cord and rappel rope are set up, and the rappel rope is backed up to the anchor until the last person descends.


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