Ice Climbing

Ice Climbing Whiteman Falls

Ice Climbing in Canada


This is one addicting sport. Good thing there are hundreds of routes to choose from, and always new skills to learn. From instructional sessions at the local ice crags, to guiding mind-bending multipitch routes, our goal is help you become efficient and confident in the mountains while enjoying every day out.

Reasons for hiring a guide

  • Guides will reliably commit to your time schedule
  • Can take care of all logistics
  • Have local access dialed, know the route start and the way down
  • Know current snow and ice conditions, get you to the goods
  • Instruct current and professional knowledge of the sport
  • Provide mentoring in skills to move efficiently and confidently in the mountain environment
  • Will match the right route for your abilities, and show you the way to the top
  • We are fun guys and gals to climb with



Minimizing team exposure to an acceptable level of risk for the activity is our primary consideration. In case of an emergency we have:

  • Rigorously trained in risk management and emergency response
  • First aid and technical rescue training
  • Advanced avalanche forecasting training
  • Carry radio’s to communicate with rescue services
  • Most importantly; we plan to avoid emergency situations through solid judgment and decision making.


We offer

Our services fall into two broad categories, guided ascents and instructional programs. Of course they overlap to an extent, and their is no reason you can’t experience both components in the same trip.
For example, do two days of climbing technique instruction on steep cragging pillars, then spend three days knocking of challenging multipitch lines. We customize every trip to get you the most value out of your time with us.

Guided Ascents

The Rockies are renowned for their quality multipitch climbs. Whether you want a pleasant day out on a cruisy route, or the challenge of a steep testpiece, we will match the climb to your abilities and interests. In addition to ticking some of the worlds finest ice climbs, you will receive coaching to improve you efficiency and knowledge of the sport.

Instructional Programs

Our guides are patient and enthusiastic, they can impart professional knowledge on current climbing techniques, systems and equipment. Whether you want to learn the basics of ice climbing, learn to lead, or study advanced rescue techniques, we have a comprehensive program for you.

Life is fun, on our trips you will find an element of adventure, expect wild animal (and wild ice climber) encounters, savage blizzards, car chases, icy swims, hot lattes, cold beers, and more…. Our guides will be sure to snap of some photo’s so you have proof of your wild stories from the Rockies.

Book a guide for

The season typically runs from November to April with February and March offering the best ice conditions.

Pricing for Guided Ascents (multipitch)

Group Size

Price per day

Amount per person

Pricing for Instructional Programs

Group Size

Price per day

Amount per person

*Please add 5% sales tax to the above amounts.
*There may be additional expenses such as food, gear rental, park fees, transportation or accomodation.
*Half, full, and multiday trips available.
*Maximum 2:1 ratios on multipitch climbs.

Surcharge for BIG routes

For larger objectives or routes with increased hazards, there may be an additional charge applied to your booking. Mountaineering/Alpine Rock days that exceed 10 hours in length, rock climbs that are longer than 400 meters, or ice climbs graded WI5 or higher are good examples of when this surcharge would apply. You may also need to demonstrate the ability and experience required to your guide. Prep days or training days are not uncommon, and can be arranged to see if you’re ready for your chosen BIG route. Surcharge amount can be $200.00 or more per day. Please contact us if you think your BIG route may fall into this category.


For further information and to reserve your guide,  visit our Bookings Page or contact us.